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Completing A Compare And Contrast Essay On The Kite Runner

Writing a compare and contrast essay on the Kite Runner can be made a little easier to accomplish if the following points are used. Stories with this level of drama and social issues usually have a large following in most countries where the population can relate to the events described. Other titles belonging to this genre of text may provide a roller coaster of emotions culminating into a happy ending, but this book reminds readers that there can be an uncomfortable situation that only gets worse. Having a story based in a country surrounded by controversy and political turmoil makes it even more attractive to readers these days seeing that the news networks show how risky living there could be.

  1. There are two main characters in this plot with vastly different backgrounds.
  2. This aspect can be discussed to reveal how unique this relationship was in those times.

  3. Discuss how the main characters’ personality influenced the plot.
  4. Because the main characters came from different upbringings, expand on their contribution to the synopsis by touching on their likes and dislikes.

  5. Supporting character.
  6. Because the stories of the main stars are intertwined heavily in this book, discuss who can be classed as main or supporting roles.

  7. How could the story have ended differently?
  8. Were there parts of the story where different decisions could have been made changing the ending even incrementally or drastically?

  9. Show how circumstances unknown to us can change our future.
  10. Books written with similar scenarios are rich in content that can be discussed to highlight the possibility of these happenings occurring in the real world. Show how this literary work depict this.

  11. Did the difference in the fathers treatment of the main characters affect the decisions they made throughout the story?
  12. If so, how should the blame be distributed among the characters if necessary?

  13. If the situation happened where the boys’ roles were reversed, would the same decisions be made?
  14. Discuss how the actions of the main characters may be influenced by their attitudes and desires if their roles were switched.

  15. Did the main characters express the same degree of loyalty for each other?
  16. Study the birthday party and the kitting competition segments of the plot and comment on the association the two boys had between each other.

  17. How did the father treat the boys? With equality or favoritism?
  18. Account for the views Amir had relating to his fathers’ appreciation of their household servants.

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