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Selection Of Expository Essay Topic Ideas About Political Scandals

An expository essay aims to explain what the subject under study is, how it can be defined, and how it works. Choosing a good topic is important because this will help you make your paper useful and interesting to the reader. A good subject to write about is a political scandal because it allows you to investigate the issue, evaluate facts, inform your readers, and prove your point.

Tips on Choosing an Expository Essay Topic

Most students spend some time coming up with a narrow, clear topic for their assignments. These ideas will help you come up with an interesting subject related to political scandals:

  • Ask questions while you are brainstorming.
  • Brainstorming is a good technique, but you can make it even more effective by asking questions such as what you have already known about the subject, where you can find great facts to describe the idea, and what side of the argument you support.

  • Gather the ideas you have.
  • Free writing often helps students to come up with good topics. To get inspired, you may watch the news, read a magazine, or search for the most discussed political issues. Then, write down everything that seems to fit your assignment format.

  • Focus on a specific aspect of the political scandal you want to discuss.
  • You can write an expository paper about almost any aspect of the subject. However, it should be informative and specific, e.g. explain why a particular situation has led to a scandal or how non-professional behavior affects a political career.

10 Sample Prompts for Your Paper about Political Scandals

Sample topic ideas help you get started and understand what questions you can address in your expository paper. You can choose one of these 10 prompts to compose a strong essay:

  1. Federal government scandals: the shame of the Barack Obama Administration.
  2. The Clinton sex scandal: why should people care?
  3. The Donald Trump’s position towards immigrant issues: what is all the buzz about?
  4. Effects of social media on political life: how can a tweet cause a minister’s resignation?
  5. Raising popularity: how do image-makers get benefits from political scandals?
  6. Local government battles: has your major been involved in recent scandals?
  7. Fighting corrupt practices: why do officials, who are supposed to prevent corruption, are often charged with bribery?
  8. The pursuit of power: how do politicians use political scandals to overcome their opponents?
  9. Environmental degradation resulted from the lack of political will: lobbying heavy industry in developing countries.
  10. The reasons of the ‘Cash for Access’ scandal in the Conservative Party in the U.K. in 2012.

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