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Hillary Clinton

Hillary was born in Chicago on the 26 October 1947. Her father Hugh Rodham, who died in the year 1993, was a business man. He owned a fabric store and supported his family with that business. Her mother Dorothy was a homemaker. She died in 2011. Hillary has enjoyed her life and is adored by many people. Having come from a humble background and achieved the kind of success she has shows that she is an active lady. Hilary was lucky because both her parents supported her throughout even to making her career. In her young age, her mother never wanted to influence her career path. She always wanted her to make choices for herself. Her father too was pleased by the abilities that she exhibited and felt that even gender should not limit her daughter. Hilary thus had the support that she needed to make her life. It worked out for her and she had great success.

Hillary’s Early Life

She exhibited a strong character ever since she was young. She was liked by her teachers a lot. While in school, she took part in various co-curricular activities like games and debate. She was also a scout and earned many awards. Her leadership abilities were seen at her early age where she was the active participant in the student council. Her history teacher at high school was so influential to her. He made her develop an interest in politics and went on to shape her interest. It was through him that Hillary got the chance to serve the then presidential candidate Goldwater. She then met Martin Luther and from then it seemed like the road was already set for her. Politics was the way for her. In college, she studied political science. Her leadership skills were sharpened more when she became a student leader in her college life. She also used to take jobs in summer and this helped her grow a lot.

Her success

Hillary had a successful life. She developed her career before she later on joined politics. When she got married to Bill Clinton in the year 1975, she opened up another platform for a good political life. She had always taken part in Young Republican Groups events. When Clinton became president in the year 1993, she served as the first lady up to the year 2001. She vied for a senator’s post and became the Senator from 2001 to 2009. When she bowed out of the presidential race in 2008, Obama then made her the Secretary of State up to 2013. She has made known her intentions to run for the 2016 presidency.

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