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A List Of Attention-Grabbing Essay Topics On Slavery

The following slavery-related topics will make your reader look twice and compel them to pick it up for a read.

    William Wilberforce’s motivation to stop slavery

    Why did William Wilberforce so forcefully fight slavery? What was the motivation behind his resolve and what was he afraid of losing if he did not succeed?

    Reasons the South fought against slavery in the American Civil War

    What was it about slavery that the South didn’t think they could live without? What are some of the major points of resistance they offered as motivation to keep the system in place?

    Is capitalism a form of modern day slavery?

    Take a look at slavery from a modern perspective and discuss whether we have traded in one form of slavery for another.

    The day in a life of a slave

    Look at slaves during the 19th century and walk your reader through a typical day for such a person. You may want to take this from an emotional angle, or simply an historic one—depending on your view.

    A good form of slavery

    Look at ancient Egyptians, Babylonians, and the Romans and how their slavery system worked as a means to alleviate poverty and keep poor men and their families alive. Was this a good form of slavery?

    Modern day slavery

    Analyze the types of slavery we have today. This can include child labour, human trafficking, cultural discrimination in certain countries, or any others you can think of.

    Differences between Greek slavery and Roman slavery

    Take an historic look at how Greek slavery differed from Roman slavery. Look specifically at points like tasks that were to be performed, how the slaves were treated, and what their living conditions were like. You can also discuss the laws that surrounded slavery in those times.

    Should slavery be reintroduced?

    Discuss the implications of a society that reintroduced slavery. How would this be done; should it be done; and if not, why not?

    Was the American civil war really about slavery?

    Discuss the points of conversation during the peace conference of 1861. Look at why these peace talks failed and ask whether the American Civil War was really motivated by slavery in the first place.

    Slavery in India

    There is still human slavery going on in India. Do a short analysis of this and give the reader an overview of a problem he or she may not yet know exists.

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