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Euthanasia Debate: Yes Or No

Euthanasia is a sensitive issue among many people who have been faced with such a decision. While some consider it tantamount to murder, others see it as a merciful act. The motivations behind euthanasia must be evaluated to get a better idea of why some family members make a decision either way. Many times there is a financial aspect to these decisions and often they are not honourable. Something else to consider is how doctors feel about euthanasia. All these aspects will be discussed in this essay.

Distinguishing between murder and mercy killing

When someone is conscious and willing to have their lives ended through the cutting off of life-giving machinery, someone must make the decision to do the actual ‘cutting off’. This situation is called assisted suicide. Although some states and countries do not recognize it as a legal act. The question of whether or not assisted suicide is compassionate or cruel should be evaluated from the perspective of the person whose life is in question. If it is voluntary, and has a purpose, there should be no debate about the ethical implications.

The financial aspect

However, there are also many people who try to make euthanasia decisions on behalf of people who cannot speak for themselves. While some of these cases are genuine, others are not. A son or daughter of an unconscious parent in pain—who may be racking up serious medical bills—may make a decision out of impure motives. There are cases of life insurance and even inheritance that may influence some people to cut off life from their family member. Anti-euthanasia laws are partly put in place to prevent this from happening.

A doctor’s point of view

A recent survey reported that out of 10 000 doctors, 16% said that they would consider ending a patient’s life if asked to do so. 55% of this group said that they would not even consider it for a second. However, another question on the survey showed that 46% of the same group believed that euthanasia should be legalized.

Looking at this issue from all perspectives, one can make one’s own judgment on whether it is right or wrong. In a democratic society, the people will decide via a majority vote whether euthanasia will be legalized or not in their respective country or state. It is wise to look at all aspects of this issue before coming to any conclusion.

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