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A List Of Great Medical Ethics Topics For Your Essay

Medical ethics presents a range of study areas for all academic levels. There are enough materials and ideas for interesting medical ethics topics for your essay. The choice of a topic should be guided by among other things:-

  • The scope of your academic level
  • Availability of research materials
  • Your area of interest
  • Absence of extensive research in the area

Common medical ethics essay topics are boring to read and will not compel your teacher to give a good score unless you have an outstanding point of view to present. The wording of your medical ethics essay topic should arouse curiosity and interest in the reader. It must capture your point of view or position which will be justified in the body.

While there are many areas of study in medicine, not all are controversial. Some controversy is hyped while other debates are emotional to the point of drawing national outraged. When writing about medical ethics, it must dawn on you that you are dealing with delicate controversies. In some cases, it will pit available technology against social, religious or political views. In other cases, it is a discussion about the conflict between human rights and medicine. The most common contention is between personal will and technology. Whichever the case, there are numerous areas of study that will present very interesting materials and an opportunity to construct a compelling medical ethics essay. They include:-

  1. Care at the end of life: Should advance directives by the patient be obeyed or those of relatives.
  2. Abortion: Does the mother have a right over the fetus? When does life begin? Should doctors terminate pregnancies if they detect a defect?
  3. Prenatal Genetic Testing: What should be the next step if scans reveal that your child has a defect? What should you do if you are a genetic defect carrier?
  4. Birth control: Should minors have access to birth control information and substances? What is the best age to introduce birth control substances and measures?
  5. Embryonic Harvesting: Should embryonic stem cells be harvested for disease treatment purposes?
  6. Organ donation: Must the organ come from a relative? Should organs be harvested from dead people?
  7. Personal Health Information: Who should be allowed to access your personal health information?
  8. Rights of Patients: Can a patient refuse to receive treatment?
  9. Informing the family: Should a doctor or physician withhold sensitive information about your health from the family?
  10. Doctor’s Pay- Do health practitioners enrich themselves from the misfortunes of their patients?

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