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Where To Search For A Good Example Of A Personal Narrative Essay

Writing a personal narrative essay can be pretty simple or fairly complicated depending upon how you approach it. Since a personal narrative paper is literally from your own perspective, being able to exude your voice and tone may be the easiest part. However, the complicated part could be figuring out exactly how you want the personal narrative essay to come across to your readers.

Whether you are a simple, minimalistic writer or very meticulous with details, at the end of the day it is your thoughts that matter. In this article, we are going to cover a few ways that you can discover good examples or personal narrative writings. Once you feel that you have gathered the information you desire, you can then apply it to your own personal narrative with your style.

  • Personal narrative books – There are a plethora of amazing personal narrative books in libraries and bookstores. Authors who have written novels about their own lives are some of the best examples you can utilize. One great way to use this to your benefit is to find an author(s) that interest you and you find a similar style with. Review the good and bad aspects of their work, mix it with your own style, and create an amazing personal narrative paper.
  • Listening to podcasts – While this may not seem like the most conventional method, this is the benefit that we have in today’s society! Individuals who host personal podcasts usually speak their mind about any topic that they see fit.

Whether it is political, personal, their favorite movies, sports, food, activities, etc., or world news, they are speaking from their perspective. In a podcast, you can hear (and put a visual to the voice for video podcasts) an individual’s tone and physical language. In a personal narrative essay, you are simply speaking verbally on a piece of paper (or digital document) what is on your mind and converting it to a written version.

There is no right or wrong way in regards to writing a personal narrative. You are speaking exactly what is on your mind and sharing it with others to read. Your work is an extension of who you are as a person. It also allows for others to see your perspective on things that are close to you. Finding your writing style can be easy or hard, however, practice makes perfect and utilizing others examples will only make you better.

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