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Male Vs. Female Brains

Throughout the past, there is a myth that men generally have a smarter brain than women. Conventionally, men are believed to think differently from their female counterparts. Well studies highlight this old suspicion concerning the brains of females and males. The findings believe that they are not the same. Therefore, how does a female’s brain look and how does it function in a different manner from that of a male? What makes the difference? These are important questions that when answered will lead a well-found truth once and for all.

Well, there have been notable changes right from early development. Scientists know that sex hormones start to exert their influence as fetus develops. It has been found that female and male brains have well-defined differences right during the fetus development stage barely within 26 weeks of pregnancy. These differences can be seen when making use of an ultrasound scanner. So how different are they? Adult brains especially for females have remained stronger than their male counterparts. Females appear to have a high language functioning in both sides of their brain. There has been notable activity on both right and left hemispheres in women’s brains unlike is the case with the men where only the left hemisphere records activity in terms of blood flow as they process language. This has been used as a strong basis for the argument that females have strong skills in language over the males. With a more area committed to a number of skills, it ends up that the skills will be quite refined.

Therefore, it is clear that men’s brains function differently from those of women. Generally, girls have been found to outperform boys in the use and application of language along with fine motor skills all the way to the puberty stage. Additionally, boys are more likely to fall prey to disabilities of learning than would be the case for the girls. More boys have also been affected by Attention-deficit-hyperactivity disorder than their female counterparts. If both are affected by this disorder, the symptoms tend to differ – girls usually record a lack of attention but boys become susceptible to a lack of impulse control.

It is therefore true that the functioning of brains between men and women is totally different. Young girls seem to be quite active in learning and swift during the early stages of growth and development. Many more disparities show up as they grow and this is attributed to notable changes in the brain.

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