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A Quick Guide To Writing A Great Problem Solution Essay

Since you started your education you were required to write different types of essays. They do not become easier, but at least you can complete them in a short time. A solution problem essay is much different than any other, as long as you watch out for the specific requirements. You need, obviously, to emphasize a problem and to offer some viable solutions. How to do all this? Follow this quick guide and write a great composition:

  • Find a problem that’s worth exploring. There are many situations around you that can be considered as problems. Even so, not every one of them is suitable to be presented in your composition. The best thing to do is to write about something interesting for your classmates. What about the educational system or something similar? They will pay attention to you because they are directly involved and affected by this problem.

  • Make research. You need to know everything about this issue before you analyze it in your essay. Are you sure it is indeed a problem, or you just don’t like the principle itself? Find out when did it start and how is this bad for the community.

  • Present different perspectives. Before you even think about offering a solution, you have to consider all the other opinions. I am sure that many people before you tried to solve this problem, but none of them could. Well, take every solution that you find, analyze it and explain why it will not work. You can go further and explain what should be changed to make things work in the right way.

  • Offer a viable solution. Remember that it’s supposed to be something that can be applied in real life, not just your imaginary plan. This is why you need to present some very good arguments to support your idea; from scientific evidence, to references to other books, everything is welcome at this point.

  • Present your opinion. Even if this essay is more about solutions than it is about opinions, you can say what you think as long as you do it right. This means that you need to be balanced, without offending the people who have another opinion. Furthermore, you should not express your opinion in more than a few lines; it will become too much even for the most interested reader.

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