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Simple Tricks That Will Help You Write An Argumentative Essay On Technology

Technology has become a significant part of our everyday lives, so it seems writing an argumentative essay on this topic is easy. You have to know your teacher’s requirements, formatting and structuring rules, and some writing skills. Add a little research and the task seems a piece of cake.

How to Cope with a Technology Argumentative Essay

  1. Understand your task.
  2. Make sure you know what an argumentative essay is and how to compose it. Your aim is to discuss the issue by looking at it from different angles. You’ll have to provide arguments for each viewpoint and support them by facts. That’s why this type differs from persuasive papers where you have to show only one side.

  3. Think of a good topic.
  4. The topic you choose should fit three criteria: contradictory, original, and interesting for you. With writing an argument paper, everything depends on choosing a debatable issue. There should be at least to opposing sides to describe. As to the second demand, the topic should be fresh and unusual. Everyone knows that watching TV can be bad to the eyesight. There are so many new inventions that it’s not hard to choose one you are passionate about and to think how it can good or bad in the long run.

  5. Make up a plan.
  6. It’s always recommended to write down an outline for your future work. Decide what you’ll include in the introductory section, in the main body, and conclusions. Conduct a research and choose resources to support your arguments by evidence.

  7. Check and double-check.
  8. Editing and proofreading is a very important working stage. Remember, that your work should be based on a logical order of connected arguments. So, it makes sense to pay attention to transitions between paragraphs. Besides, check if facts highlight the necessary aspects of your arguments.

Vital Suggestions for an Outstanding Work

  1. Use real facts.
  2. Forget about inventing statistics or distorting facts to back up arguments. For this reason, be sure you don’t procrastinate and have enough time to do an extensive research.

  3. Be careful with citing.
  4. Even if you present some information from a book with your own words, include the resource in a reference list. It will make your paper more convincing.

  5. Check the vocabulary.
  6. While persuading a person, all tools are good: from logic to emotional appeal. In this type of paper, you should avoid emotional language. Pay more attention to weighty arguments, a clear thesis, and comprehensive conclusions.

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