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Expert Ways To Compose An Informative Essay About Internet Slang

As instructors and their students look for new and unique topics, they are assigning more essays that cover topics related to Internet use. One of those is Internet slang. Completing this assignment simply means following the basic instructions for any informative writing assignment.

  • Step One: Find Useful Information
  • The first step is find substantial information about the topic and there are plenty of websites that can help. Be sure that you keep a thorough record of the sites you use so you can properly cite your sources.

  • Step Two: Build an Outline
  • The next step is to craft an outline that you can use to complete your paper. There are plenty of outline forms that students can use to get their essays quickly and easily outlined. It is important to have a plan before writing so the paper stays organized. At minimum, the outline should have the thesis, the topic sentences, and some of the facts that will be included in the body paragraphs.

  • Step Three: Write the Paper
  • Once the outline is complete and you are satisfied with it, the next step is to start writing the paper. Since the topic is Internet slang, you can have fun writing the hook. You could list terms that would get the reader’s attention or you could tell a story using only Internet slang terminology and challenge the reader to figure out what you are trying to say.

  • What to Include in the Introduction
  • The rest of the introduction should include a bridge of information that connects the hook to the thesis. The topic sentences of the paper should refer back at all times to the thesis so the reader can easily see that you are explaining clearly and concisely.

  • How to Write the Body Paragraphs
  • The body paragraphs should begin with the topic sentences that reflect back to the thesis. That sentence should be followed by a fact and support. If the facts are quoted or paraphrased from the information that you found online, you should be sure to include the proper citations. There should be at least six sentences following the topic sentence. Those body sentences should alternate back and forth between the facts you found and the explanation of those facts. As you explain the facts, you can show your readers how to use the Internet slang in their everyday lives and how to remember it, too.

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