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Tips And Tricks To Find A Great Example Essay Without Trouble

Why looking at Samples is Fantastic

Sometimes, the best approach to writing an essay is to view good essays of others. Looking at other student essays accomplishes several purposes for the student. First, it allows them to see how a very well written example of an essay functions and is laid out. Second, it reassures the student that their ideas about essays are correct. Third, it allows students to see that their own writing could be just as good or even better than the sample, and it gives the student ideas about what to say in their own piece of writing.

What to Look For in Your Essay Examples

Structurally, Look for the Elements

The example essay you choose as a model should have all kinds of elements but, most specifically, the sample essay should have a definable beginning, middle, and closing section.

Specifically, look for a

Well stated introduction. The introduction should be highly engaging, with many introductory sentences that literally pull you into the essay.

Then you should find a great thesis statedent very clearly stated—this is the “In this essay, I will discuss . . . or “This essay will discuss,” kind of statement.

Then, you should find several paragraphs proving the thesis and an excellent closing section, which brings the essay to a close but does not do so predictably.

Next, Pick One to Three Topics You are Really, Really Interested In

Since you are going to be delving into a lot of research here, you are going to want to think of several essay topics you would really enjoy reading other writers’ theories and ideas about—for example, would you like to see more essays on global warming? Would you like to read, say, informative essays about dolphin communication? ‘Highly endangered sea turtles, such as the Olive Ridley? Would you like to read about the new classification of polar bears as “highly endangered” because of global warming caused by human behaviors, not climate change? All of these would yield essays that you could. Structurally, use for an example, in layout and basic approach. You could also pick by school subjects that interest you, say geology, biology, microbiology, astronomy, chemistry, physics, art history, geography, English literature, American literature, Indian literature, and more.

Now, Set Out to Find the Perfect Essay

Now, search by category or topic for great student essays.

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