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Top 10 Essay Topics In Biology: Discovering Current Problems

Writing a biology essay can be pretty difficult for students who are used to spending time in the lab conducting experiments and working with equations. But essay writing is a very important aspect of biology and is actually a requirement if one were to follow this as a career. So coming up with a really good topic is very important. Rather than writing about worn topics, we’ve created this list of ten that focus on discovering current problems:

  1. Can cloning be ethical under specific conditions? Who should determine how cloning can be used? What sort of consequences should the unethical use of the science have? Is the international community responsible for oversight?
  2. Searching for “the Cure”: How far can stem cells, or other forms of biology technologies, go? What kinds of diseases or illnesses should we set our goals on?
  3. Can biology help people get younger? Medically? Physically? If this is possible who would have the right to control this? Should it remain public or private?
  4. Some people are predisposed to bouts of depression and other mental diseases such as schizophrenia. Is there a specific chemical that causes these illnesses or are there more environmental factors that are involved?
  5. What do you believe is the next step in human evolution? Consider the history of human evolution, why it happened and how long it took.
  6. There have been many studies that suggest we can one day manipulate and even DNA, our genetic code. Is this ethical? What challenges exist?
  7. How close are we to curing specific types of cancer (e.g., breast, skin, prostate, etc.)? What promising is the research that exists today? What more needs to be done?
  8. What is the science of love? Why do people fall in love? What do the chemicals in our bodies have to do with whether or not someone falls in love?
  9. How does the study of DNA help us understand how one kind of defect can affect another? For instance, as someone gets sick they tend to get worse without treatment. So what can we learn from this basic fact of one’s DNA structure?
  10. One extremely lethal version of the flu virus has the ability to wipe out a third of the world’s population within a month. What causes these dangerous epidemics and what can humans do to prepare themselves and stop a global spread?

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