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A List Of Great Ideas For College Biology Essay Topics

If you are searching for college biology essay topics, consider the topics below:

  • Write about what genes will suffer higher rates of obesity and what can be done to hinder the rate of obesity for future generations
  • You can investigate how, it at all, abortions effect future pregnancies
  • You can write about the discussion of a homosexual gene and bisexuality
  • You can write a paper about whether alternative medications can prove beneficial, and if people who use them in Western countries are not generally careful enough as they would be with Western prescriptions
  • You could investigate environmental influences that cause cancer and what activities could be limited in order to reduce the growth of cancer
  • You could explore different birth control pills and what effect they have on menstruation
  • You could discuss whether ebola would actually be suitable as a biological weapon or whether it is nothing to be feared
  • You could analyze different origin theories
  • You could research a particular genetic disease and look at different theories related to it
  • You could analyze how deadly meningitis can become and whether a mutated strain could prove lethal
  • You could explain sleep disorders and what treatments or cures are possible for it
  • You can explore hypnosis and whether it is a viable alternative to things such as anesthesia
  • You can research the different causes of phobias in the brain and whether science might offer a method of alleviating phobias
  • You can research the advantages and daily applications of current nanotechnology
  • You can write a paper that reviews autism and the different theories about its cause and its relation to things such as genes or vaccinations

It is important to note that all of these topics are meant as general suggestions and they may or may not be adequate for your next paper. It is up to you to use discernment when selecting a topic and to ensure the topic adheres to your requirements as well as to your course. If you cannot find a suitable topic from the list above, you might consider some brainstorming exercises, reviewing current material in the news, or reflecting upon previous coursework or lectures for items that were particularly interesting to you. The best topics are those for which you have passion, those which are the most interesting to you.

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