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What Are The Characteristics Of A Good Thesis In A Compare-And-Contrast Essay

There will be a point in any academic year where a student is going to be asked to do a compare and contrast essay. This is more than just a narrative on one particular subject. It requires a student to look at two seemingly different things and try to show not just how they are different, but also how they are similar. It is an academic challenge, but it is one that can be fairly easy to accomplish. All the writer has to do is demonstrate a few characteristics within the body of the thesis.

  • Show Objectivity. This is both the greatest lesson and the toughest part of a compare and contrast essay. The writer has to put aside his or her personal preferences or prejudices. Each side of the discussion has to be given its fair notice. There is a temptation to let personal bias creep through but that should not happen.
  • Demonstrate an Understanding of Both Sides. This goes hand in glove with being objective. Within the compare and contrast composition the writer has to show a command of the subject on both sides. Any tendency to be brief or gloss over one while concentrating on the other is going to weaken the text.

  • Create Some Insightful Questions and Then Answer Them. The essay is going to be looking at two or more subjects, and that is a given. The writer has a responsibility of developing the questions which will show the comparison/contrast. These will take a little bit of thinking. It is essential to the final product that such questions be an opportunity to show real similarities and distinctions that go beneath the surface observations.

  • Be Organized. This can be subject by subject or can be point by point analysis. There has to be a logical pattern to this work and a predetermined outline of the approach has to be followed. When all is said and done there has to be a conclusion that draws upon the evidence provided in the body of the essay. The writing should be clear and logical. Naturally, there should be no grammar, spelling mistakes

These kinds of writing exercises are a good lesson for any student. It encourages the individual to set aside personal impressions and concentrate on the facts alone. The compare and contrast essay also helps develop analytical skills. This by itself is very important in modern society. We are turning away from manual labor and more to the use of knowledge based skills. An aptitude for investigation and analysis is going to help in anyone’s career, and these types of assignments help encourage both.

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