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Creating an essay without effort: topics that are easy to write on

Many students think that it is virtually impossible to write an easy essay. But, this is not true! There are several ways to write an essay without effort, and the best way to begin is with topics that are easy to write on. First, think about what subjects interest you. It is so much easier to write on things you are already passionate about. This way you have a genuine interest and will be excited about the topic you choose. If an assigned subject has not already been given to you the next step is to narrow your topic down to one simple subject. For example:

What subjects are most popular?

  • Sports
  • Entertainment
  • Celebrities
  • News
  • Weather
  • History
  • Science
  • Math
  • Art

These are all great essay topics that can be narrowed down to write a short essay on. Starting too broad will frustrate you and make the topic hard to write about.

Narrow down the aforementioned subjects:

  • Sports (basketball, football, soccer, tennis, hockey, swimming, or any Olympic sport)
  • Entertainment (movies, music, or Broadway plays)
  • Celebrities (actors, bands, musicians, dancers, wealthy people, or models)
  • News (current situations, elections, or crime)
  • Weather (natural disasters, relief programs or impending storms)
  • History (American history, International relations, or ancestry)
  • Science (biology, chemistry or social science)
  • Math (equations, algebra, or geometry)
  • Art (painters, photographers, art museums or exhibits)

These are all examples, but the sky is the limit when it comes to things of interest to you. When a subject interests you, you tend to write well about it, which engages your readers. Forcing yourself to write on a subject that is of no interest to you makes it even more difficult to have a successfully completed paper.

Each of these tops can be narrowed down even further, so be creative about it. If you are writing about soccer you can narrow it down to a particular soccer team. Or if you are writing about American history you can choose a particular American president to write about. International relations could mean the G8 Summit or the United Nations. If your topic is entertainment and you choose to write about movies, pick one particular movie to write on. To make it even easier you can write about your favorite movie. Don’t think too hard. You should write about whatever comes easiest to you.

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