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Excellent Summary Response Essay Topics To Choose From

The summary response essay is a critical one. You need to follow a strict pattern and write according to it to get the maximum marks. It is a specific type of essay which has to be written in a specific manner. Here are some topics for a summary response essay from which you can choose the one which you think is the most suitable for yourself.

  • Legalization of drugs:
  • In some states of the United States of America, certain drugs to a certain level have been legalized. There is a debate all around the world that should this happen in the other countries too or not? As the result of legalization of drugs, an amazing thing happened. In the states where the drugs were legalized, the consumption of drugs decreased. Some people have a point of view that before the legalization, the government could only guess the drugs being purchased by the citizens so this report has not much of a value, but still many people think that this could be a strong point.

  • Death Penalty in 3rd world countries:
  • Death penalty has been finished in most of the countries in the world, but there are a number of third world countries which still have this is in their judicial system. It is because of the fact that the crime rates, especially murder rate is so much high in these countries that if the death penalty is removed from the system there is a threat of chaos in the society. With drugs and illegal weapons in the society along with the fights going on for generations, these countries now think it is necessary for them. A counter argument is that if an eye is taken for an eye the world would be full of blind people. Hatred can only be negated with love, so the criminals should be given a chance to return to a normal life.

  • Gays are normal?
  • Well, this is a hot topic nowadays. After the United States of America legalized gay marriages, the movement for gay rights has taken a new turn. More and more people are joining the movement and asking for equal rights for the gays. People are asking for a society where there are no boundaries in relationships. Everybody can be with anybody he or she wants and the society doesn’t have to treat him or her in a different way. It is because everybody’s personal life and personal choices shall not be discussed. The religious people believe that this act must be like an early call for the doomsday.

  • Cellular prisoners’ generation:
  • Nowadays you can witness kids all the time being busy with their cell phones and their outdoor activities are getting lesser day by day. They love to play games on their cell phones, but not in the playgrounds. They are more addicted to listening music all the time on the cell phone, but too lazy to enjoy a real concert or musical event nearby. They are more interested in opening webpages having invitations for more games instead of trying any real physical game. Here is a list including more topics.

    • Legalization of gay marriages
    • Use of steroids by athletes
    • Match fixing
    • ISIS
    • Role of America in the Syrian war
    • Iran and America’s nuclear deal
    • Research on stem cell

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