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How To Get A Custom Essay At A Reasonable Price On The Web

With the increase in the demand for writing services, most companies have also increased their prices accordingly. The good news is that there are also many writing companies coming up every day and as a result getting a custom essay at a reasonable price is still possible. The reason why you might end up paying much on essays is probably because you don’t shop for different writing companies on the web. There are those writing companies that charge exorbitantly for no clear reason when at the same time you can get the same kind of services they are offering at a cheaper price from another company.

    The trick in finding a custom essay at a reasonable price online is to analyze the prices of as many writing companies as possible. There are companies that charge as much as $12/page while others charge as low as $7/page. Remember that disparities in prices have nothing to do with the quality of custom essays you get. Some writing companies only try to take advantage of unsuspecting students who might not be aware of other writing companies where they can find essays for sale. However you should also not look for companies that sell academic work at very low prices as their credibility could be put in question.

  • Learn to negotiate. Some students never negotiate at all and this usually allows the writing companies to charge you whatever price they feel like. For instance when you are told to pay $10/page, tell them you don’t have that much. Very few companies will turn you down because you have a few dollars less that their normal price. After all they understand that you have other options apart from them especially if you are planning to purchase several essays.
  • Work with one writing company. Most writing companies offer discounts to their loyal customers. If you therefore get used to buying essays from the same company, they are likely to reduce their prices on all the essays they sell you.

In general, getting essay writing services at reasonable prices largely depends on your own efforts. Remember there are so many companies that offer writing services therefore you have a lot of options. The reason students end up paying a lot of money for their essays is that they do not look for alternative writing companies.

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