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How To Create An MLA Format Essay About A Painting

Painting is one of the most amazing subjects that anyone can study. Spectacular paintings adorn walls and buildings across the globe. Therefore, it is no surprise at all that there are many essays on the subject. This piece will give an insight on how to create an MLA format essay about painting.

  • Understand there is MLA: This is one of the many writing styles, and there are some others but will not be discussed here. Knowing that such a style even exists is the first step to making progress on this subject.
  • Realize it is not your ‘normal’ essay: Once a write-up is to be made using a specific writing style or guideline, you have to realize the fact that it is no longer your usual article because there have to be very obvious rules to stick to.
  • What had rules? Talking of rules and regulations, MLA has them, and that is understandable because it is a writing guideline. They need to be properly understood by anyone who wants to make use of them, but the good thing is that these rules are quite straightforward and easy to learn. They are:
    • The format of the paper to be used: The paper to be used for the printing has to be of the standard size of 8.5 and 11 inches and no other color except white is accepted. That is not all, there should also be a double spacing for the text to be used and a clear font should be employed, preferably Arial or Times New Roman. Font size is typically 12 unless otherwise stated.
    • Punctuation: There should be a space after full stops or any other punctuation mark. This is often the general rule, and it is not usual for it to be changed.
    • Margination: This should not be more than 2.5 centimeters on all sides.
    • Notes: If the project involves endnotes, they should all be placed on a separate page and not combined with the ‘Works Cited’ page.

There are some other rules of this particular writing style such as not formulating a title page for the paper unless otherwise stated. Students are always advised to consult as many guide books as possible when it comes to using a specific writing style. This is important to point out because these rules are changed from time to time.

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