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Useful Instructions On How To Create A Media Analysis Essay

Media analysis essays require the writer to analyze a piece of media. This can be an advertisement, a song, a movie, a game or just about anything else. The analysis requires that the piece be considered from all angles to uncover its hidden meanings or subtexts. In constructing a media analysis essay, follow these instructions:

  1. Save the instruction and conclusion for last
  2. Most people would want to start writing the essay at the beginning because that’s how it ends up being read. Unfortunately, this can create a lack of continuity if your direction changes later on in the essay as you explore the points contained in the body more thoroughly. Write the introduction last, around the same time that you write your conclusion.

  3. Look for themes
  4. If the media piece you have chosen or been given shows a clear sexist bias this is a good place to start. Ask yourself why it was used or how effective it was or if there were alternatives available to the creator of this piece. The same goes for cultural stereotypes and misleading text. In terms of music, a good knowledge of musical theory can be invaluable in your analysis. Does the composer use minor chords to create a wistful or nostalgic feeling to match the lyrics or voice over? Look for these things.

  5. Put together a thesis statement
  6. The thesis statement belongs in the introduction but once you have found themes this statement may emerge regardless. Take note of it and be mindful that it may evolve as the writing progresses so don’t get too attached early on.

  7. Compare the piece to others
  8. If in your analysis you realize that the piece you are analyzing is most likely inspired by another or has spawned several others, you can make not of this in you essay. This speaks to how powerful the message or the medium was in its original format. Be sure to note who did it first or who did it best. There may be too many versions of the same concept to make note of them all so reserve your mention for the most well known or influential ones. This should not carry you too far from your thesis statement. If you find yourself straying too far off course, exclude this element and concentrate on the central part of your analysis.

Through the use of the above tips you can prepare yourself a bit better for the writing of your media analysis essay.

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