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A List of Unique Topics for Your Persuasive Essay

It may be that your biggest excuse for not working on your persuasive essay assignment is that you have yet to find that perfect topic. Well, we’re here to bust that excuse once and for by providing this list of unique topics for your paper:

  • On Bullying and Self-Development: There has been much discussion about the negative effects bullying has on students’ self-esteem and interaction with others. But can bullying be considered an effective tool to stimulate others students’ self-development?
  • On Medical Decisions: Sometimes parents or anyone else with power of attorney will make important medical decisions that go against the advice of trained medical professionals. Should all important medical decisions be made by only medical professionals as opposed by next of kin?
  • On Bankruptcy and Leadership: There are many factors behind a business filing for bankruptcy. But is the greatest reason for business bankruptcy a problem having to do with a company’s leadership?
  • On Extracurricular Activity: Extracurricular activities look great on college applications, but many students don’t take the time to partake in any until just before applications are due. Should extracurricular activities be made mandatory earlier in high school?
  • On Celebrity Plastic Surgery: Celebrities have a unique position in society where they are revered as trend setters in several walks of life. Because of this should celebrities such as musicians, actors and actresses be prohibited from having plastic surgeries?
  • On Gender Roles and Traditions: Should men open doors for women or is this considered chauvinism? Are gender traditions offensive to feminism or do we need to understand more about why they still widely exist?
  • On Humor and Stress: Is humor an effective way to help people cope with stress? If so, can humor be studied in a way that it becomes an experimental way of healing people with varying levels of clinical stress?
  • On Parenting and Education: There are some social concerns about how parents are to blame about their children’s behavioral problems in school and in the community. Should all parents attend parenting classes?
  • On Website Searches Auto Complete: Are auto-complete functions in online search engines offensive? Is it society’s responsibility to police instances of offending text or is this largely an unfortunate coincidence that can’t be fixed?
  • On Anorexia and Treatment: What obligation do medical professionals have in doing all they can to help patients with anorexia? Should patients who are diagnosed with anorexia be forced-fed as part of their treatment?

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