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Controversial Essay Topic On Vegetarianism – 20 Questions You Can Investigate

There are many reasons as to why people become vegetarians; for example, some people will be vegetarians as a result of religious beliefs, whilst others do so for reasons relating to animal cruelty. In fact, it is also possible to be a vegetarian for various health reasons, as well as a variety of dietary restrictions that people may face due to allergies. As a result, it is possible to write a good-quality essay about a range of different topics related to vegetarian, with 20 controversial ideas outlined below.

  1. Is it morally wrong to be a vegetarian?
  2. Do vegetarians deny animals the right to life as a result of fewer animals needing to be bred for human consumption?
  3. In relation to the strict rules it to buy vegans, are vegetarians simply hypocrites if they eat dairy products and other foodstuffs that involves animals in some way?
  4. Should everybody be vegetarian for a particular number of days each week or month?
  5. Are vegetarians less healthy than those who eat meat?
  6. Is it possible to have an exciting diet as a vegetarian?
  7. Should restaurants have an obligation to provide a vegetarian option?
  8. Could vegetarianism help to save the world?
  9. In terms of farming, to what extent does vegetarianism increase or decrease the amount of resources required for a healthy diet?
  10. Is it wrong to raise a child as a vegetarian?
  11. Should restaurants and other commercial kitchens have a separate area for vegetarian food production?
  12. A comparison of the food costs for vegetarians and meat eaters
  13. Is it ever acceptable for a vegetarian to eat meat?
  14. Should vegetarians eat what is given to them at dinner parties and other social occasions, or is it acceptable to demand a vegetarian option?
  15. What legal options should be available to vegetarians who are accidentally fed meat products by commercial restaurants and other businesses in the food industry?
  16. If a vegetarian is willing to wear leather products does that make them a hypocrite?
  17. What products, which are made in part or wholly using animal products, might vegetarians accidentally use without realizing what the products are actually made from?
  18. A comparison of vegetarianism as a result of religious beliefs compared with vegetarianism for other reasons
  19. A comparison of how vegetarianism is accepted in different countries around the world
  20. Are there any health benefits to living a vegetarian lifestyle, and do they outweigh any negatives?

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