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Creating An Impressive Opinion Essay On Keeping Animals As Pets

In an opinion essay, you give your thoughts on a subject, and then you proceed to use valid sources in order to prove that your idea or thought is correct. It can be fun to anticipate arguments about your subject, and then to disprove each of them in your piece. The paper that is on cats, dogs, lizards, fish, turtles, horse, pigs, and other domestic creatures as pets should be fun to research and to write. Use our tips and suggestions as you work on this piece.

Creating an Impressive Opinion Composition on Keeping Animals as Pets Ideas

  • Pick the subject-you need to look at the subject you are most interested in such as a goldfish or a pig and then research the subject. This just might be your chance to explore a creature that you have wished to learn more about in the past. An unusual choice would make for an informative and entertaining paper.
  • Look at its habitat-look at the habitat of your topic. For example, a horse needs a field, stable, and room that can’t be found in an apartment. You need to pick the perfect subject for the location you are discussing such as a condo, house in the suburbs, or farm.
  • Plan the argument-what do you want to talk about? You will want 3-5 solid ideas for which to base your composition on in this project. Once you decide those ideas, you can move ahead and create the thesis statement.
  • Add the support-each idea you present should have 2-3 solid facts for the support. Make sure the facts come from an expert who actually knows something about your subject. Keep in mind that a knowledgeable expert is an important person to use.
  • Hire help-you can hire out help if at any point you get overwhelmed. You can also go to the school writing lab, see your teacher, or ask a peer for assistance. Do not get so far behind or confused that you cannot catch-up. Ask for help if you need it, so that your piece will be perfect!
  • Watch your emotions-you may think that everyone should have six cats and two dogs, but you have to support this idea on more than just your emotions or your feelings. Try to make sure that your passion or your emotion concerning your furry friends has the correct academic support.

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