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Coming Up With Unique Essay Topics: Useful Advice

Many students say that the hardest part of essay writing is coming up with something to write about. Because your final evaluation relies so much on the topic that you choose and how you approach your thesis this is partially true. However, great essays can be written on practically any topic if the writer handles the assignment correctly. That kept in mind, today we are going to provide some useful advice for learning how to come up with an excellent and unique essay topic.

  1. Do Some Preliminary Research
  2. Before you sit down and begin to write on the first topic that comes to mind, consider doing some preliminary research. Assume that if it is the first topic that comes to your mind, it is also likely the first topic that comes to everyone else’s’ as well.

    When doing your preliminary research, research expert writing on the subject as well as other student writing. Trying to figure out a way to write on the same topic with a unique twist that has not been considered before. Do not hesitate to be creative.

  3. Master The Art Of Brainstorming
  4. Another helpful piece of advice in regards to coming up with a unique essay topic is to master the art of brainstorming. What this means is use a few of the best brainstorming strategies to identify a better essay topic. For example, take a very basic essay topic idea and expand upon it using an idea tree or list. You my also want to write out all of the things that come to mind when considering the topic and see if you can develop those into a unique thesis concept. When it comes to coming up with the perfect essay topic brainstorming alone or with others can be a great tool. It discourages you from writing on the first thing that comes to mind and encourages you to consider your topic choices more carefully.

  5. Go To The Internet
  6. “When in doubt, Google it out!” There is no shame in going to an Internet search engine to assist you with coming up with your essay topic idea. Google can be a very helpful tool because it will assist you with discovering new ideas as well as current events that may be related to your topic. By running a quick internet search on the topic that you are thinking about you may get some ideas and information that will help you further develop your paper concept.

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