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Writing An Introductory Paragraph: Free Essay Help

The introduction is an extremely important part of your paper. It must grab the readers’ attention and make them want to read further, so your main goal is to make this section as catchy as possible. There are many ways to achieve this goal. Here are several ideas you can use to create a truly outstanding paper:

  1. Name the other reasons.
  2. You will explain the reasons that made you support your arguments in the paper itself. However, you can only write about one reason per paragraph, so you will be severely limited.

    You can list the other relevant reasons that couldn’t fit into the body of the essay in your introduction. This should intrigue the readers, especially if the facts you provide are persuasive even without any additional evidence.

    Note that you cannot mention your main reasons outside of the thesis statement. Even then, you cannot include any information about your main supporting evidence in the introduction.

  3. Present the opposing side of the argument.
  4. At some point in your essay, you will need to address the arguments of your opponents and bust them with hard evidence. You can present this opposing side of the argument right from the start and then contrast it to your thesis statement. This should impress the audience and make people want to find out how exactly you prove the points stated in the introduction.

  5. Tell a story.
  6. Everyone loves a good storyteller, so starting your essay with a relevant story should make a positive impression on the readers. To get them even more interested, you can place the beginning of the tale in the introduction and its end in the conclusion. Though this trick will only work if you manage to present one half of the story masterfully. The biggest risk associated with this method is that it’s too easy to get carried away telling a story. Remember that your paper is a piece of academic writing, so you must focus on its main points instead of the exciting tale you use to catch the reader’s attention.

  7. Ask a question.
  8. This technique is used rather often, which only proves its efficiency. The questions you include in the introduction must aim to make the readers think about your topic. Focus on igniting people’s curiosity as this will make them read further to find the answers.

  9. Offer a relevant quote.
  10. A famous quote relevant to your topic will look very good if you place it in the beginning of your essay.

    Note that you must include only accurate quotations and include the author’s name.

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