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Inspiring Ideas For Your Essay About Happy Ending Movies

We all love movies and everyone has their preferences as far as genre is concerned. Despite our differences, every year, countless hours are pent watching movies making a good case for this activity being one of the most favored forms of recreation in existence. As stated, not all movies are the same and many people favor ones with happy endings over those with sad ones.

When writing an essay, you must ensure it contains three main parts, no matter the title. These are the introduction, main body and conclusion, each part serves a specific purpose that, when done properly, will come together to create an enjoyable story. Consider these ideas to give you a head start when attempting to write an essay about movies with happy endings:

  1. Difference between a good ending and a happy ending
  2. Movies cover many stories and topics so naturally, they tend to have many types of endings. It would be nonsensical for all movies to have happy endings though, depending on the personalities of the audience, movies with sad endings may be avoided. This can be bad for movie producers, who wish to maximize the amount of persons that view their productions.

  3. Why do people like happy endings?
  4. Investigation into the reasons why happy ending movies may be preferred by certain people could be an interesting study. The answers may surprise people and also reveal interesting facts about the act of watching movies.

  5. Do all movies need happy endings?
  6. What are the reasons producers create movies with happy endings? Many people receive inspiration and ideas from movies with motivational stories, is it also possible that movies with unhappy endings have the opposite effect?

  7. The trade off between happy endings and probable ones.
  8. No director wants a reputation for making depressing movies which could ultimately make viewers avoid their productions. How do directors balance satisfying as many viewers as possible, with sticking to scripts with believable endings?

  9. Is it possible to tell that a movie can have a happy ending or not?
  10. Some people don’t simply watch every movie that is released, they pick carefully to ensure they do not waste their time. Is it possible to tell how a movie will end before you view it?

  11. Your final opinions of movies with happy endings.
  12. What do you think about movies with happy endings compared to the majority of viewers. What is your preferred type of ending?

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