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A List Of Up-To-Date Essays Questions About Environment Issues

We all know how important it is to protect our planet against pollution. Since you are still a student, you can’t do much but what you can do is to inform others about what is happening with the planet. Writing essays about this is easy but effective, especially if you can get the attention of your colleagues. These are some essay questions on this theme:

  • Is global warming real? Recently, a number of politicians said in public that they do not believe that this is a real phenomenon. Even though there is a lot of evidence to support the existence of this phenomenon, still many don’t believe in it. What do you think about this?
  • Cars are a problem? A few months back, there was a scandal about a company of cars that did not respect the regulations regarding the emissions of carbon dioxide. The cars were, theoretically illegal but they were still on the market. Should the governments have strict laws regarding personal cars?
  • Plastic bags and paper bags. We use them when we go shopping, when we get groceries or when we receive a gift. Which ones are better for the environment and why? Explain to your colleagues how long it takes for a plastic bag to disintegrate.
  • Christmas holidays. Holidays are here, and many people buy Christmas trees and put them in their living room. Although it is an adorable tradition, it takes at least 13 years for a tree to reach high enough to be cut. Then, he will be sold and he will die in two weeks. This will cause a lot of problems in the future, especially if people don’t direct their attention towards fake trees.
  • Animal waste from factories. Many people don’t know this, but animal farms produce a lot of waste that is very toxic for the environment. Usually, this waste ends up in rivers so it will pollute not only the ground, but also the water.
  • The Pacific trash box. If you do some research, you will find out that there is an area in the Pacific Ocean where trash gathered over the years. This means that no creature can live in that area, and the trash will increase in the next period of time. It is almost impossible to clean it no matter what measures the governments take, so this problem will become dangerous in the future.

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