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A list of funny persuasive essay topics for middle school students

If you are in middle school and you are tasked with writing a persuasive essay you can always go for a funny topic. Picking a topic can be quite a challenge for many students particularly because until they have selected their topic no progress can be made with the paper. Many students are unsure of where to start selecting their topic especially if this is the first time they have been asked to pick a topic on their own. The process should start with some brainstorming. Brainstorming is the best way to remove the clutter in your conscious mind and free up the creativity that is hiding beneath. You can try free write brainstorming sessions to clear away any clouding thoughts in your mind. This process begins with setting a timer for three to five minutes. During this time you are to keep your pen or pencil on the paper and write down anything and everything that comes to mind. This type of exercise will help to get all of your ideas down at once without breaking your train of thought. After the timer has gone off you can review what information you have and look for a potential topic amid all of the thoughts you wrote down.

Once you have that information in mind it is time to pick your topic. Some of the funnier topics can be things such as:

  • Write about why the term “little people” is now considered less offensive than previous terms
  • Write a paper on how women are genetically disposed to lack a sense of humor
  • Write about hold paper towels should be saved in order to save forests
  • Write about how coffee and parking need to be part of college tuition
  • Write about how you should handle being around people you do not like
  • Write about how blonde people are stupid
  • Write about why boys should avoid wearing skinny jeans at all costs
  • Write about how ear prints should be taken with finger prints to better catch burglars who listen at the door
  • Write about how humorous pick up lines can be used to talk to strangers
  • Write about how grades do not matter
  • Write about how if women were president there would be significantly more wars
  • Write about why your thumb is really a finger

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