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Picking Up Good Narrative Essay Topics On Drug Addiction

A narrative essay is one of the simplest essay types that can be written by a student. If you are writing an essay of this type, you simply speak about a certain topic, without needing to prove anything or make your readers believe in a certain point of view that you have.

  • Understand the Idea and Goal
  • Before you start writing, you need to understand your goal. Let’s imagine that you have been assigned to write about a certain aspect of drug addiction. You cannot speak about drug addiction as a whole because the problem is too wide. You need to narrow down the subject to something specific, like teenage drug addiction. Having this topic, you can move further and, using a number of reference sources, explain the problem of drug addiction among teenagers to your readers. You don’t need to express your point of view or involve readers in any discussion. You are just supposed to choose a topic that will allow you to provide readers with enough fresh, interesting, novel information.

  • Look Through the Teacher’s Suggestions
  • Quite often, students are offered a list of narrative topics that are composed by their teachers. If you have such a list to use, look through it. Even if you don’t choose anything on it, you will see which aspects of the problem catch your teacher’s attention and are offered for your consideration. It’s very likely that you will be inspired by this list and come up with your own topic ideas.

  • Give Attention to Your Own Ideas
  • Sometimes, when creating a narrative essay topic on their own, students have no idea whether the stuff they have invented is good or poor. Remember that a good subject is one that allows you to reveal its essence within several pages. A poor idea is too specific, complicated, or broad; meaning that you either can’t find any reliable information on it or you cannot summarize it in the size that is recommended by your teacher.

  • Find Your Interest
  • A good subject is one that is interesting to you. Even if the problem of drug addiction as a whole is not something you feel excited about, try to find an aspect of the problem that will make you want to find out more about it.

  • Search the Web
  • If you feel that the difficulty of creating an interesting narrative essay subject on your own is overwhelming you, try searching for suggestions on the Internet. There are many websites that offer lists of interesting ideas that you can use in your work. If you want more originality, you can work on them and alter them slightly.

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