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A List Of Unexplored Controversial Definition Essay Topics

What is a controversial definition essay?

Topics that have been on contentious issues and controversial in nature has always been a point of interest for us Writing an essay about it is much more interesting as you need to do research work on it. This kind of essays is called Controversial essays. To make it simpler to understand we can just say that a topic on which we can held long hours of debate on its dubious nature is a controversial topic.

Reasons behind the controversies

The on-going trend of the present education system focuses more on the debatable topics so that children gets more aware of their own society and the stakes they are being put to. Thus nowadays in all the board level examination it is must to have one controversial essay topic. Through this not only can the board of education judge the opinion of each and every student but also will be responsible to make a student have an opinion about the controversies.

The arena of controversy in our society can range from hill to the hell. Most defining areas of controversies in our society are religion, caste, creed, belief, government, trend, culture, history, demographics, and designation. The main cause for the controversies on this topic is nothing more than sentimental differences ultimately leading to corruption of the state.

Nature of the topics

  • Matters are highly disputable.
  • People from different strata can have different opinions on the same subject. And it is very healthy discussion to know the viewpoint of different people.
  • Variation in their mental assembly and sentimental differences leads to difference of opinions.
  • You can never judge an opinion to be cent percentage true neither can you deny them completely.

Some topics of controversial essay:

  • Are all actress prostitutes at some point of time?
  • Should terrorist be hanged mercilessly?
  • Shall we deny the path of ahimsa and move for violence as political weapon?
  • Right to Education for the Right to Job
  • The age-old controversy between cultural differences of the west and the east?
  • Is the advent of science and technology affecting the status of life?
  • Should we declare all nuclear weapon legal?
  • Is it true that sometimes press misleads people for their own benefit?
  • Should sex education be a necessary part?
  • Female child adoption may lead to incest. True or false? Justify.
  • Should penalty be imposed on unethical advertisers?
  • Should we deny the taboo of sex with a person with HIV positive can lead to AIDS?
  • Necessity of sex education in school.
  • Allowance of cellular phones in school.
  • Nuclear family is better than joint family.
  • The age-old dowry system of India. Should it continue that way or be banned?
  • Eradication of the caste system in India.
  • Should sex magazines should be a part of sex education?

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