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What It Takes To Complete A Powerful Essay About Myself And My Life?

Self-identity continues to remain a mystery to adolescents and adults alike, even in this day and age when the gap between the known and the unknown is steadily being bridged. Literature has been try to answer this question for centuries, with famous personalities each having their own take on the matter. Schools and colleges have been trying to enable their students to find themselves via essays regarding the matter.

  • The process should not be rushed
  • One does not get to write about himself or herself every day. Hence, when given the opportunity it is best not to rush through it. Students should take their time to do some soul searching in order to write such an essay remarkably well. In order to get in touch with their inner selves, they should ask themselves questions about their opinions and beliefs, and what has brought them to that point in their lives and what all have been instrumental in shaping their respective personalities.

  • Let the emotions flow
  • The student must remember that his writing will make the readers feel only as much as he is while writing it. Hence, the creative juices must never be obstructed from freely flowing. It is a good thing to let one get in touch with his or her deepest emotions as any stream of the liberal arts requires human components. However, the teacher must first ensure confidentiality and should honour the student’s privacy; the composition can only be made public if the student wants it to.

  • Create a flowchart
  • A flowchart is a very useful tool for arranging events in a chronological manner.

    • The student should first make a list of all the things about his or her family life that he or she remembers since infancy to present day, no matter how trivial it may seem.
    • The next step is to arrange these incidences sequentially, in order of chronology.
    • Once the flowchart is done, the student can then take a look at it and decide what were the major events that played a vital role in shaping his or her life.
  • Add a personal touch to the composition
  • Since the topic is a very adaptable one, the student must decide on how he would want to frame it so that his composition is different from the rest of his classmates’. The teachers are not on the lookout for an autobiography but a short and sweet piece on life as seen through the eyes of a student.

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