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Creative Argumentative Essay Topics: Coming Up With Good Ideas In A Matter Of Minutes

Students are often given creative argumentative essay assignments in school. Getting an open-ended essay topic isn’t as good as it seems because you should somehow choose a single one among hundreds of options. So, it isn’t surprising that many students have trouble coming up with good ideas to write on. Fortunately, you can use several simple strategies designed to brainstorm creative argumentative essay ideas in a matter of minutes.

The most popular ways to develop good topic ideas include the following:

  • Prepare a simple mind map.
  • If you have to develop an argumentative paper topic, you should try making a mind map. This simple strategy involves starting with your favorite subject and dividing it into several categories. Some students start with writing keywords down and then considering related terms and concepts to pair with them. You should simply connect these words and you’ll find yourself with one or two ideas.

  • Work with other students.
  • Using a group session is extremely effective when you can’t come up with good ideas on your own. Usually, students demonstrate creativity when they’re working on something together; so arguments, thoughts, and suggestions of your peers will really help you develop several essay topics to consider. Don’t hesitate to ask questions and communicate with your classmates, as it helps generate new insights into old ideas.

  • Find a list of sample argumentative essay topics.
  • To get inspired, you might use sample essay topics composed by other students, look through titles of works in the school writing lab, or ask your professor what examples you could check in order to come up with your own idea. However, keep in mind that it makes sense to get it approved by your instructor before starting writing a paper.

  • Input new information by looking around.
  • Brainstorming requires a constant input of new information, thoughts, and arguments; so you should listen to your friends and family members, read interesting journals and books, and watch video lectures and TV shows. Consider controversial materials since they provide you with a great argument that you can develop in your paper.

  • Do writing exercises.
  • Simple writing exercises might inspire you. For instance, take a dictionary, choose a random noun, and use it as a base concept while working on your argumentative essay topic. Some students prefer using online word generators that might also be fun.

    However, make sure that you can write something creative about a chosen word.

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