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A List Of Good Persuasive Essay Topics For Middle School

Some good tips for writing effective persuasive essays

A persuasive essay will generally involve several paragraphs. The first of these paragraphs will generally be an introduction, in which you will need to outline a statement or point of view. This statement or point of view will then for the basis for the rest of the paper.

After the introduction comes the main body of the paper. In the main body, students who are writing persuasive essays will then need to outline various arguments in support of the original statement. Typically, most regular persuasive papers that are written at middle school level will require no more than three arguments, which will generally be about one paragraph in length each.

Finally, the final paragraph should include a conclusion, which needs to be based on the main arguments put forward in the body section of the paper.

How to think of relevant topics to write about

When writing a persuasive paper, is a good idea to use topics which have clearly defined points of view that can be argued about. You don’t want to pick a topic that will prevent you from coming up with a clear conclusion.

In order to help you think of good topics to write about, you may wish to think about things that you’re passionate about. For example, you may wish to think about any laws that the government is introducing and whether or not you agree with them; alternatively, you may wish to look at scientific studies and how you think they should or shouldn’t be used within society. If you need any further inspiration, then it can be a good idea to read a newspaper and find any articles that provoke an emotional response from you.

The following is a list of ideas you may wish to use when writing your own paper:

  • More should be done to increase renewable energy supplies
  • Bosses of companies should have their salaries capped at 20 times that of the lowest earning employee in the business
  • More should be done to protect the rights of whistle-blowers
  • Human cloning is unethical and should be banned
  • Torture is acceptable if it saves the lives of other people
  • Exams are outdated and unhelpful part of the educational system and should be scrapped
  • Student’s handwriting has deteriorated as a result of technology
  • Learning a second language is beneficial for individuals and societies as a whole
  • Education should be free to everyone and any age
  • More should be done to protect male victims of domestic violence

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