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Muscular Dystrophy

Body movement is very important in the human body. This movement is facilitated by body muscles and the body support structure. Muscular Dystrophy is a condition that gradually weakens body muscles that facilitate body movement thus leading to inability to move with time. This problem has its roots in the genes. Some gene information could be missing leading to little or no production at all of proteins that are required for one to develop healthy and strong body muscles. Muscular Dystrophy is a genetic disease and all those who suffer from it are born with the abnormal genes; that lack the vital information for formation of strong muscles. MD is only hereditary but is not contagious. You cannot contract MD by the virtue of being close to a person suffering from it. MD is a gradual process and it does not affect a person just at once. MD is commonly seen during young age. It is also dominant and affects boys more than girls.

Muscular Dystrophy Diagnosis

For a doctor to diagnose a patient with MD, they need to have full information of their health history. This is besides carrying out a physical examination on the patient. The history is about your symptoms, your past health, past medications, history of your family health, allergies, concerns and any other important information. Tests that will help the doctor to decide and rule out possibility of other diseases are also performed. It is important to carry out tests to determine how the muscles are working. This will help to rule out other effects on the muscles. In some cases serum creatine kinase is very high. This will rule out MD and mean that there is another problem that is causing damage of the muscles. The doctor may be forced to take a small piece of a muscle and carry out tests on it. The final stage is some genetic tests that will tell exactly what form of MD a patient is suffering from.

Treating Muscular Dystrophy

MD has no cure. Doctors are however dedicated to finding a cure for this problem. Money and lot resources have been invested in the effort to find cure for this disease. For teens, doing some physical exercises can help to keep their muscles strong and functioning. Exercises help to prevent the muscles from contracting and getting stiff around the joints. This also helps in preventing the joints from locking and inhibiting movements. Sometimes surgery is important to help teen breath as the breathing system is dependent on muscles. Tendons are fixed in the crucial areas so as to enhance and keep the patient alive.

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