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Expert's Advice For Writing A Literary Analysis Essay On J.F. Cooper

James Fenimore Cooper was one of the most popular writers in American literature. So when you are going to write a literary analysis essay on him, you will have to be careful about the facts and represent them in a proper manner. Here are a few tips that will help you write the paper in a better manner. When you write a literary analysis essay you will have to read a few of the works by the writer. You can read some of the books written by J.F Cooper like the historical novels or ‘The Spy’.

Know the writer before you begin

The first part of your research should be about knowing the writer and the style he used. Now, J.F.Cooper was well known for his distinctive blend of literature. You will have to highlight on the genre and his personal style of writing. You can go through some his historical novel to better understand his writing technique. On hindsight you can also read up some of the distinctive authors of his time i.e. the 19th century. This will help you better understand the difference and how J.F Cooper’s writing style was unique at that point of time.

Helpful suggestions to write a literary analysis essay:

  • You will have to select an angel before you begin. An essay is all about perspective and you will have to decide on one. A lot of students have written the life and works of J.F. Cooper so you will have to offer a fresh insight. Try to write how one of his novels has contributed to the history of American literature. You can also focus on how his life in the navy reflected in his writings.
  • You will have to write all about the author in your essay. But a writer like J.F. Cooper will have a lot of info on him and it is not always possible to write everything. You will have to improvise and merge a few less significant facts so that you can come up with a good essay. Remember it is always better to write a few detailed points than cover all the facts and cram them in one single paper.
  • The most important thing when writing any kind of paper is proofreading and editing. A reader can be put off if there are too many grammatical or spelling errors. Check your paper thoroughly before you submit it.

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